I pick silly. I pick laughter. I choose joy.

I love to capture laughter and connection, giggles and cuddles. Beautiful clothes and stunning scenery add to amazing photos. And, yes, I love it when everything comes together for a knock out photo. But I love this more.

Scrunched up faces.
Open mouth laughs.
Tiny little hands.

These fleeting little everyday moments that are gone in a blink.

This family so perfectly captured that tenuous moment of moving from a family of three to a family a four. It is taking your heart and splitting in two again for these two precious little people to carry it around in the world. It is feeling it grow bigger than you ever thought it could be as you watch these new little people cherish each other.

Moving from three to four can be loud, it can be crazy, it can be busy. It is also filled with these quiet moments. These shining star moments when the dust settles and we can take one brief second to breathe in this amazing experience.

I’ll be honest, there is some selfishness in lifestyle family photography. I get to peek into the joy and crazy and love of all these families. I get to stand back and see elements of my own family’s journey. To day I got to remember pieces of our move from a family of three to four.

I don’t know how it is for you, but in our family – time moves fast. So, so fast. Days are long and years are short – that is us. Maybe that is every family. Photography freezes time. It strips away the laundry piles, the noise, the day-to-day insanity of it all. It freezes those moments that feel like they will be there forever and slip away in an instant.

I was so honored to photography this lovely little family. The allowed me a peak into their everyday joy and love for one another and it is so beautiful.